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Auction of
General, Antique Furniture, Outside Effects, China, Collectables, Etc

Heckfield Memorial Hall Auction Details

Friday Auction:
Auction starts at 1pm. Includes furniture, pictures, metal ware, clocks, books & other ephemera, collectables, china & glass wares & electrical items. Now to include silver/silver plate & jewellery.

Saturday Auction:
Auction starts at 10am. Outside effects.

On view Friday from 10.00am & Saturday from 8.30am.

All Furniture needs to be delivered to Heckfield Memorial Hall on the Tuesday of the Auction week from 10am - 5pm. All smaller items and outside effects can be delivered on the Wednesday from 10am - 2pm.

If you are not able to make these times then do please ring to discuss further arrangements

We operate a first-come, first-serve basis


Please park all vehicles in the field opposite the hall, not on the road. Thank you

Please collect all items by Saturday 4pm*
*December/January 1pm

Friday 5th June
Saturday 6th June

Tuesday 2nd June
Wednesday 3rd June


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CCTV is in operation at these premises
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